Hello, I’m S.Bess.

Freelance Content and Copy writer, Web marketer , Technical writer , Blogger and

motorcycle layer -downer

(yap, that is a word , I just said it).

Come and Write Some!

Back in the good old days of horse, buggy and cable TV having a kick ass product and a fair price was all it took to get some business done.

Add some good copy and some good old word of mouth and you’re golden.

That’s of course way before we started being bombarded by a quadrillion manipulative ads and pseudo news stories ( ads masquerading as stories )  and white house got sponsored by Metamucil  .

Good old days of yore ( weird word- something donkey-ish and salt water taffee-ish in it). 

   Well, those days are dead and gone.

 No chance for that now.

You know it, I know it, your competitors know it( the important “know it” ) -even the cat on the wall knows.

Cat, very plausibly-does not care.

Why  this is not written in cat. 

You NEED to get your product in front of your customer. You NEED your customer to trust you  and separate you from the millions of snake oil salesmen screaming in their face daily on tv and internet.

In two words- if you wanna succeed -you need to get  on and dominate  online. If you wanna sell online-you need to gird your loins (and anything else worth girding) and be prepared for one mother of a last pack of toilet paper at wally world in a pandemic fight.

Again. You know it. Would be getting some ice cream instead of reading through some copy jockey’s sites  otherwise. Hmm, Ice cream. Hold on.


Let’s skip to the important part

Goal : Sell product & service

Obstacle :   Content that SHOULD BE developing trust and brand name does not offer anything to the reader and is too boring to read. A la-90 % of crap on the interwebs

Solution : Content that is there to actually  give a solution to the question /problem reader’s struggling with. While being entertaining and fun.

Content that’s useful but boring and a pain in the rear to read – no one will come back. 

Content that’s fun yet offers nothing besides a waste of time-that’s what TV is for

 Obstacle : Copy that does not understand the needs of the prospect nor the advantages of the product . Copy that is not able to establish a connection with the reader, win trust and capture his/hers interest .

Solution:  Copy that is based on RESEARCH and KNOWING the prospect. KNOW. 

Not theoretical “ what sells” or “how to make billions in the next three hours and have every  woman fall in love with you”.

Not -“we need to manipulate the stupid little people ” monocle boardroom  mad men crud. Or any other holier than thou, fake intellectual condescending bull pile.

Simple stuff. Know who you’re talking to. Know what they want. Give them what they want. Make sure they SEE and KNOW that is what they want .

Content & Copy.

Working hand in hand. 

Whiskey and Ice . 

Burger and Bun.

I mean-low calorie meat substitute patty and soy based ,guarana gum texture enhanced bread alike product

(bite me Bill Gates-eat some meat!)

In Two Words- get the RIGHT PRODUCT in front of the RIGHT READER presented in the RIGHT WAY. 

That’s after your company’s name  is developed into a BRAND people KNOW  and TRUST  . 

No one is even going to look at you otherwise in this used car lot of a world of ours.

And all that while hypnotizing  search engines with some SEO voodoo  and telling the story of you and your product with enough charm, humor and downright back of the school bus cool to make James Dean find a cause and slink away in shame.

 Simple. Not easy. 

       Why I write this and Why you’re here .

Some of the chimps and
chimpets that think me and the work I do is pretty groovy

Used to be that a 

And since you made it this far and didn’t run off screaming faced with my war on proper
English grammar-
let me show what I and my collection of barely trained words can and will do for your

Copy With Big Brass Ones

 Now 98 % cheese and other bull by products free!
Copy I write is

60 % research into your customer’s needs and psychology, 39 %  product research  and how it fills the gaping hole in prospect’s life followed by 1 % clever words thrown together  .

My job here  is to know how YOUR
product is the best fit for 
customer’s need and then draw a
WHY it’s the real, simple, easy SOLUTION to  the problem on the table.

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Brand Forging Content

The prequel to Copy but with building your  BRAND  in mind.

Words on your website is the only way your customer KNOWS you.

In this sea of shysters and snake oil salesmen – TRUSTWORTHY , LIKABLE brand  that offers  REAL VALUE to your reader is to your business just what word of mouth is to a mom and pa store.


The only thing that matters.

In two words-everything.

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Re-Humanized Technical Writing


Taking technical  concepts and translating them from specialist to human.

The opposite of the last manual you used to assemble Ikea’s coffee table/meatball maker/flamethrower/rabbit inseminator.

What I Do Is Simple

I dredge the brains of experts and professionals , sift through the tech jargon , polish the diamonds and the not so diamonds , scrape off the Skynet probes and present it to the reader in the manner palatable by human brain .

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Email campaigns

 emails unlike most of your average internet refuse .
 Well written emails and content work-you’re reading it right now .
B2B & B2C emails  written to the point and precisely aimed at the RIGHT reader.
Anything from Curiosity Open to a “WTF IS THAT?” – as long as it gets the RIGHT EYES on the RIGHT page.
Above all-NOT boring ,NOT ordinary, NOT heading into spam with the 99 % of the emails in your inbox.

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B 2 B Marketing

All sorts of yummy , well researched content to get the word of your business to other businesses that have a NEED for it and the monkey suite wearing chumps that run them.


The story of your business and the product that drives it .

A life size painting of your service or product’s winning qualities painted in front of the right reader at the right time.

The reader  that NEEDS to see it. 

This is where I get serious-seriously. 

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Content Optimization

Let’s be honest now- every monkey and his cousin got a website .

Most of them are as fun to read  & make sense of as a bank statement written by above mentioned Mr. Bananas. 


I go in , beat your content into shape & translate it into words and  patterns used by your customers .

Make it less of a leg day and more of a bowl of ice cream in front of a TV .

Leg days are for suckers.

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“Best email campagn we ran. 28 % increase in overall sales. In 3 months .Thank you.
And btw-thanks for going over our site and bringing it into the 20th century.”

Stephanie S.

Black Dog Timber inc , CDA ID

A few words about me to make me sound cute and relatable

I studied writing and business  at sort off , kind off esteemed west coast institutions of Bellevue College and U of W.

 B.S. of Accounting and Business management  from WGU.

 Got student loans and eternal hatred of anything with the words”oxford” and “associate press” to show for it.

Wrote technical materials and online content  for companies ranging from timberframe custom builders to  toys that go boom manufacturers , dog trainers and humor news sites.

A partner in a couple of online ventures – on the eternal quest of becoming a denizen of the couch.

What can I say- I like scribbling words on paper. Or  laptop screen. Or cave walls if you pay me enough and tell me I can’t do it.

More than anything- I like  getting my head into new research- new industry, new product , new prospect group. 
Researching and honing a piece of copy to the point of it growing into  a mean, lean , result producing  mind changing machine.
 Trimming the fat and sharpening  it to the point it stands so  mean and effective as an un-holly  cross of an ar-15, 67 Camero and a pit viper. 
That gets me more excited than espresso brewed with red bull. 
“Clear,consize and to the point. Proffesional to the fault  – took a pile of disjoined data and produced a polished, influential prodyct.
Didn’t know you could take something as technical as Ducati transmission issues and make an article you can read without falling asleep.
 Rhuan Hogg
Motorask.com Glasgow
“I am impressed. We were worried about sub-contracting reworking the content on our US website but couldn’t be happier .
Bess worked seamlessly with our sales team and got us back and running under schedule.

Igor Taerov
RosNeft , Chelyabinsk