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Sauer Compressors USA

Whether onshore or offshore – Sauer compressors are used in a variety of applications within the oil and gas sector. Designed for 24/7 operation, their robust construction allows them to be used (virtually) anywhere and under extremely difficult environmental conditions, for example, when exposed to salt – water, heat or cold. Sauer compressors easily satisfy the criteria of nearly all classification societies such as ABS, DNV and GL, while complying with a range of other certification systems too. In addition to our standard solutions, we also provide complex solutions which are designed to meet our customers’ specifications. These include mobile, container-type units, gas tight or explosion-proof designs, units featuring diesel or gas engines and even combinations of all of these.
Sauer compressors always do their job reliably – regardless of whether they are in use on a floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, in the engine room of a ship off the coast of Vietnam or on a heavy goods vehicle in Siberia.

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Log Homes


Looking for a stylish and luxurious log home for healthy and energy-efficient living?

 Definitely not your typical log cabin, we are delighted to offer a beautiful range of Finnish log houses from Finland’s premier manufacturers.

Finnish homes are designed for comfortable, sustainable and healthy living, being conceived for life above the Arctic Circle. Wood acts both as an insulator and moisture regulator; therefore the air in log houses is clean and easy to breathe and for this reason, log houses are also an excellent option for people with allergies. The collection shown is a small selection from a wide portfolio, and proves that not only do log homes have “wow factor” in a traditional look, they can be ultra contemporary too.

Any size, any number of bedrooms, multiple different styles: just tell us how you want to organize your living space, and we’ll create the perfect layout to suit you. If a log home is what you’re really looking for, you have a great variety of options both in size and design of your home. Whilst many of our designs are shown with smooth planed logs and clean, contemporary corners, your new home can be rustic looking or modern, to suit your taste

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CZ 457 Scout


Own a suppressor? 457 Scouts have a muzzle that’s threaded 1/2×28, allowing for hearing-safe shooting without the need for muffs or plugs.

Adding a larger stock is easier than ever once kids outgrow the short length of pull, as all 457s use the same stock inletting (with two barrel channels specific to standard and varmint-weight barrels). The entire 457 platform is modular, meaning swapping different barrels/chamberings or stocks is done quickly and easily with only a few tools.

Shipped with a single shot adapter to teach ammo conservation, any 457/455 magazine will fit, from 5 to 25 rounds.

If we were to pick one thing that our previous rimfire platforms were lacking, it was an American-style push-to-fire safety — something Hunter’s Education instructors and 4-H shooting coaches have begged us to incorporate for years. Though that was the most obvious change, we also took the opportunity to tweak a load of small things at the same time. In addition to the receiver-mounted, push-to-fire safety, we chopped almost an inch of length from the action and slab-sided it to reduce its footprint and weight.

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Gun Safety

CZ-USA safety

The fact that Col. Cooper liked the CZ 75 and based the design of the Bren Ten on it did not influence our decision to endorse and adopt his rules for safe gun handling for our employees. (but it didn’t hurt)

Most of us know these rules by heart. If they are new to you, learn them. Spend some time thinking about them. What could happen if you break one of the rules? The chances for a tragedy go up exponentially when 2 or more are broken.

Complacency is the cause of most accidents, firearms related and otherwise. Be conscious and very deliberate in your actions when handling firearms, do not rely on habit or muscle memory. Do not rely completely on the mechanical safety, follow the rules regardless of the position of the safety lever.

Before handling any CZ firearm read the instruction manual carefully and observe the following safety instructions. Improper and careless handling of the firearms could result in unintentional discharge and could cause injury, death or damage to property.

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In an age of rising energy costs, climate change, and a desire to protect the environment, our houses are the perfect solution to your desire for a dream home that is sustainable and energy efficient. Many people have heard of Passivhaus, which is held to be the ideal standard for sustainability, however, they may not realise that you can achieve similar levels of air tightness and energy efficiency with our designs and come close to a passive level without the price tag.

We minimise use of plastics and concrete and wherever possible use natural materials, to avoid damage to the environment.

Wherever possible we also suggest using environmentally friendly finishing products such as paints and floor sealants when we build and complete your home and if  you are finishing the house from a shell build, we let you know which products we prefer to use. 

The timber used for log houses is sustainably forested as all forestry in Finland is regulated by the Forest Act. Around 70 million cubic metres of timber is harvested annually and more trees are replanted than felled, though natural regeneration is encouraged for small stands to increase biodiversity.

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Quietest Motorcycles


There’s no denying it. Motorcycles are LOUD.

A loud motorcyle can damage your hearing, give you a splitting headache, and can get you a pretty sizable fine at a traffic stop.

So, what are the quietest motorcycles to ride?

Electric motorcycles aside, the quietest motorcycle would be touring models, built for European and Japanese markets. As a rule, it‘s models produced by Honda, BMW, and Kawasaki that do not sport a V-twin engine. Some good examples include the Honda  Valkyrie /Goldwing, BMW R120, and Kawasaki Concourse

Continue reading for a full. list of the quietest motorcycles to ride, as well as some expert tips on how you can reduce the noise of your motorcycle further.

Table of Contents

What Makes A Motorcycle Noisy To Ride?

Let’s take a look at the key reasons why motorcycles are loud to ride, as well as how you can reduce the noise.

1. Modifications

Modifications are by far the biggest culprit when it comes to extra noise. Removing your muffler and baffles or purchasing what’s called a “straight pipe” exhaust set up can easily double the loudness of your motorcycle.  

2. Wind

When you are on a motorcycle, the wind noise is the loudest to deal with. Going down the interstate over 60 mph, you can hit the levels of 105 dBc even with a windscreen up. 

A good full-face helmet, combined with earplugs and a windshield, helps a lot.

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Technical Writing

2013 Back Country Manual


Your trailer will require regular care and maintenance in order to deliver maximum value and
performance. The dealer will give you basic operating and maintenance instructions. However,
be sure to read all instructional material’s furnished with the trailer. This information outlines
important areas of operation and maintenance for you to follow for safe, trouble-free service from
your trailer.
Specifications may change without notice due to continuous product improvement by Outdoors RV.
It is possible that recent product changes may not be included in this manual. Product information
included in this Owner’s Manual were as accurate as possible at the time of publication and may
or may not be specific in their depiction of actual equipment, fabrics, interior, or exterior décor or
design options as installed on or in your travel trailer.

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Standard Construction Specs


Our build team will include the following when quoting to build the house:-

  • Foundations and groundworks including drainage, sewerage and water pipes (to service connection points within 5 metres of house).
  • Supply and erection of house frame.
  • Roofing (tiles / membrane / sheeting as applicable to roof type) and roof insulation.
  • Internal plaster-boarding (where applicable) and finishing.
  • Flooring – wooden flooring to downstairs and upstairs (where applicable), tiling to bathroom(s), utility room and hallway.
  • Wiring 1st & 2nd fix – standard sockets to all rooms, standard lighting.
  • Two TV points & cabling to roof space (aerial not included).
  • Smoke alarms wired to mains.
  • Plumbing 1st & 2nd fix – including standard heating system (gas fired condensing combi-boiler and radiators).

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Prefabricated vs Modular


If you would like to build a modern house, but you want a factory to do at least part of the work for you, you are probably interested in both modular and prefabricated homes.

These two terms are often used interchangeably when discussing home construction, but they are not identical.

“Modular” is a more specific term than “prefab.”

Let’s break down the differences between the two so that you can choose the right option for your needs.

What is a Prefab Home?

Images courtesy of GarrisonArchitects.com

The best way to jump into this topic is by defining “prefabricated homes.” The reason is that prefab is actually a category of construction methods rather than one specific construction method.

It is actually an umbrella which includes modular houses as well as those built using other methods such as panel construction and steel frame design.

If any part of the house has been manufactured in advance at a factory before it is shipped to the site, that house is defined as “prefabricated.”

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