Let’s take a closer look at what I can do for you and your business


Copy that stands ready, willing and able to persuade and influence on your behalf – going straight for the emotional and instinctual, using our primal lizard brain and psychology to clubber the reader into wanting, NEEDING  and understanding.

Nail spitting, old leather wearing, steroid chewing copy  that claws it’s way from the pile of daily mediocrity and noise pollution and grabs your prospect by their eye balls and ear holes. O.G. Copy.

In two words-copy that changes minds and grinds out a steady stream of prospects and conversions that clearly UNDERSTAND that they NEED the product  you’re looking to sell.


Well researched, in depth articles that HELP THE READER and make search engines drool in the middle of the night.

Esy listening content that SOLVES THE PROBLEM that’s on the reader’s mind in style and with a serious dose of personality while sidestepping the piles of fluff that seem to overpopulate modern internet.

Most importantly-CONTENT THAT BUILDS TRUST AND AUTHORITY FOR YOUR BRAND-leading the reader through the first step of the sale ladder.

Optimized for SEO is a given-what’s the point of writing it if no one will find it?



Technical language and concepts translated from the mind-numbing and nap inspiring expertise of engineers, computer dweebs, and other specialists into the language that an average ground pounder and head scratcher understands.

Think of me as a bridge between the minds of people who live numbers, blueprints, and concepts to the minds of people who live to avoid all the above-mentioned things.

Here’s my process:

  1. Figure out who the audience is . Technical or not if it doesn’t know what concerns to address and what terminology to use it’s pretty much useless. Description of the effects of sugar on a person is mighty different for a nurse vs donut maker.
  2. Research the living hell out of the subject and the product/process in question.
  3. Map out the alpha to omega- get a clear, step by step path for the reader to go from a wet behind the ears newb to a died in the nano-bots  expert. ( at least in the reader’s head)
  4. Split everything into readable and scannable steps-no one wants to have a 500 one sentence manual dropped in their lap.
  5.  Review for accuracy- a mistake made in web content is a pain in the rear – a mistake in a technical manual can cost somebody his /hers rear. Literally.

  Keep it simple. Keep it formal .  Keep it short and precise
         Above all keep it friendly and helpful.


ROI of  $38 on $1 INVESTED

A recent study by Constant Contact showed that if you manage to fight your way through the piles of spam  in your prospect’s email   you  literally  can make better profit than selling cocaine.

38 to 1.

No seriously- 38 TO 1.

That’s Not just selling cocaine. That’s selling cocaine in a strip club to a flat drunk sailor that ‘s on a first shore leave in 3 years after receiving a million dollar inheritance and a friendly heads up that the world ends in 3 hours.

In two words-mucho dinnero.

Problem is- and it’s a mean mother of a problem-how do you get your email to stick out from a pile of 1000 other emails-most of them useless and annoying spam and spam related products ?


Give them something they want,  no – NEED!

Put it in an email s0 intriguing, so addictive-it’s easier to quit coffee, sugar and porn in one seating than leave it closed.

Dig in and figure who the reader is and what they crave, how they think , how they talk. Write an email to the reader from the reader from the future (10 minutes after the problem the reader is pained with is resolved). 

Simple-just need a time machine.

I m not gonna go on record saying I have a time machine  but emails I write will get opened and read  and seahawks gonna suck for the foreseeable future.

Research + psych-bubble+ writing skill= a truck load of revenue generated through an email campaign.

            You know where to find me.


Opportunity > Leads> Money

Question is-how do you get that opportunity? 

How do you get the right eyes on the right info.

The right product next to the right need?

I know you did youR share of cold calling, back slapping, wining and dining -the regular “only closers get donuts!” bull. We all did. Does it work? Sure. In the seventies maybe .  The beautiful world of polyester.

Things change.

Just as with B2C  –  B2B marketing went interwebs all the way.

Same principles –build a relationship, develop a trusted name ,develop TRUST. 

Not much different from B2C just –

Different audience. 

Not as much emotional involvement- we’re aiming here at professionals weighing pros and cons and loss vs profit.

One thing does not change-Trust is everything. Relationship is second. Product is third.

A lot of writers don’t get that -hoping cutesy content and a pile of special effects will get the reader impressed and converted.

Different audience.

Why I specialize in white papers and case studies.

Few things work better in establishing yourself as an expert whose word weighs something in your field.  Make you a GO TO when the need is to be filled and cash is to be spent.

White papers that resonate with the reader, understand their issues and concerns . Language they use. If you can’t speack their language and understand their needs-you can’t engage them, you can’t connect to their life.

White papers that are easy to scan and digest-no one has the time or attention span to read through 300 pages of lawyer speak. Not even the lawyers.

Designed from the ground to be easy to share.

White papers that give a way for people to put their thoughts and views out there on an issue aimed directly at the in the know and prospective clients   with a goal to help you establish credibility on a particular topic.

Ask a question everyone wants to ask -give your thoughts on it or company’s stance if you’re not paid to  think.

Chuck in some references  to the brilliant work company done before and some positive ( if possible) mentions of your work by your peers and other ne’er-do-wells.

Boom -a perfect white paper.

P.S. Mix in a mountain of research and a dollop of a professional personality. 


We’ve all seen it.

Meandering content that leads nowhere and achieves nothing. Content that’s  frankly so boring and disjointed that reading it is alike taking a vacation in a dentist’s waiting room.

Worst of all –content that achieves nothing.

You’re paying for the site ‘s  upkeep, you’re paying for the content written , you’re paying to promote the site why not get some use out of it?  

Let me take a stab at making your site work for you.

Instead of you working to pay for it.

My approach is simple

I figure out what your objective is. Not -“Everyone has a site , I should have one” or ” If you blog it-they will come”. 

I figure out what your REAL GOAL is. What you want to get out of all this time ,money and effort.

Then I go over your site with a fine tooth comb. Strip the fat, tone the underbelly and flip it around until it’s lean, mean , word based machine pointed firmly in the direction of building your BRAND and bring in money.

Way less time and money than hiring someone to scrap a website noone sees and reads and have new content and copy written. 

Plus the chances you’ll be looking for someone like me to fix the content on that site a year from now are pretty good anyways.